All the Rooms Need Story-Shaped Words

You’ve been invited to say some words out loud. Maybe you’ve done something that makes you an expert and everybody wants to hear what you have to say.  Or you have an idea to pitch that will make you the expert someday.  You could even be invited to say some personal words—to fill the space at a wedding, or a funeral, where the right words need to go.

Once you’ve done all the hard work to make it through the emotional response and you are in a place where you know there are things to say that are bigger than you but have significant value coming from you, it’s time to put the words together. Our existence here at Rebel is based on the idea that Stories are the best vehicles to move words and people.  Here are a few reasons why your Out-Loud words should take the shape of Story:

– If you are speaking to a room of experts, or at least people who think they are experts, there’s always a risk of covering material that’s been said before.  There is only one thing your crowd definitely doesn’t know: your story. Whether you use it as an opener, closer, or everything in between, it’s the one guarantee that you’re saying something new.

-If you are speaking to a room of strangers, they are all looking for a way to connect with who you are—they want to know something about who you are and why they should listen.  So even if you tell stories about someone else, or about some big idea, you can frame the story in a way that tells the crowd something about you.  If you’re going to talk about a scene from a movie, include a line about why you remember the scene.  Give away why a story about war, or sports, or creativity matters to you.  It’s great to tell stories but it’s even better to frame those stories with your own.

-If you are speaking to a room filled with people who love numbers and facts, tell a story about why the data matters and what it reveals. Attach the numbers to a compelling name, a neighborhood, a narrative. What does the data tell us about who we all are and where we are going?

-If you are speaking to a room filled with strong emotions, and most rooms are filled with these whether we can see them or not, the right story can serve your crowd and allow them space for expression.  If it’s a funeral home filled with people welling up in tears, a story is what allows them to shed the tears and weight of grief.  If it’s a wedding chapel where people are caught up in love and gratitude, a story gives them room to celebrate.

Stories are how we order our world. We are built to lean in to know what’s next.  Whatever words you choose to say out loud, the words wrapped up in stories will live longer lives and fill more space than rooms can hold.

For more on what it means to tell stories and say good words out loud, join us for our next Story Workshop on June 14 from 1-4 pm in our offices.  For more info and to register, click right here.   

Rebel Pilgrim is a creative agency based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rebel Pilgrim believes that story is the only way to spark change and create excitement for any business or product. Start converting your uninterested crowds into engaged clients using the power of storytelling.