Creating More Effective Stories (video)

Most people will acknowledge that storytelling is valuable, but many will not claim to be good storytellers. However, if you follow a formula with easy to learn storytelling elements, you can learn to become a better storyteller. That basic formula is called a “spine” and is taught in improv comedy training. This process will lead you from the beginning to the end of a story for whatever topic you desire to communicate. So, you might say you’re not a good storyteller, but if you’re willing to put in some work and practice you will tell more effective stories sooner than you think.

Rebel Pilgrim is a collection of Cincinnati storytellers inspired and passionate to help businesses effectively share their story. We understand that basic business goals include increasing brand awareness and sales and/or creating new revenue streams, thus accelerating top line growth. As a business ourselves we know that to achieve these goals we need to pay close attention to our content marketing and advertising efforts in order to build a consistent and trustworthy brand. Crafting and telling the unique story of your business through videos, content marketing, simple websites, and social media is a proven strategy to communicate expert knowledge on your particular product or service. Your story is your most natural asset, telling it clearly is your best strategy.