Stories Set to Music: A List of Songs We Want to be Movies

Stories and songs have a rich and beautiful friendship. The best songs place you inside of a story, sometimes leaving you room to fill in the narrative gaps. The best stories stir up soundtracks on our stereos or in our imaginations. We see the two serve each other in pop culture moments all the time. We also see them play together in our lives, our memories, our kitchens-turned-discos.

Last week, Netflix announced that music and story are up to something new: Dolly Parton signed a deal to turn her songs into episodes of a narrative series. Of course, this isn’t the first time Dolly’s songs have inspired feature films: She’s had a couple of projects based on songs and you definitely argue that The Bodyguard is a movie written around Whitney Houston hitting that “And I….” in “I Will Always Love You.”

There are whole genres built around the relationship between music and stories. We have a library of musicals and the best music videos fill out the story of songs.

But this Dolly Parton news got our office wondering this week: What song would we like to see brought to life in a movie? Where do we want to hear the rest of the story? We started a list:

Billie Jean: Michael Jackson: We need closure on this child’s paternity and future.

I Just Called to Say I Love You: Stevie Wonder

Sequel: Hello by Adele: It could be a whole series to teach the youngs about telephones.

Daddy Lessons: Beyoncé: This could flip the whole narrative of Dads protecting their daughters with weapons and let the girls defend themselves.

Livin’ on a Prayer: Bon Jovi: How is this not already a thing? Also, how is Bohemian Rhapsody not a movie, not counting Wayne’s World?

She Drives Me Crazy: Fine Young Cannibals: I feel like the name of the band could be a spoiler here for where this story might go and it is DARK.

Who Let the Dogs Out: Baja Men: I would really like to see this as a murder-mystery treatment in the style of Clue.

American Pie: Don McLean: Since the song is already the length of an entire movie, this could just be an opera-style music ala Phantom or Evita.

1999: Prince: A random group of co-workers and their friends get together on New Year’s Eve of 1999 and wait to see if the lights go out at midnight because of Y2K.

Same Drugs: Chance the Rapper: This has some pretty serious dramatic potential. Someone should do this. What happens when we shift our addictions and therefore our allegiances? Chance knows.