An Invitation to Wonder: The Ohio Renaissance Festival

This month, we are marking 10 years of telling stories together. Rebel Pilgrim, the official Creative Agency, came a few years later, but in the fall of 2009, we made a feature film called Hitting the Nuts (more on that later) and realized how stories could spark hope and action. We believe that’s as true for the people creating them as it is for the crowd consuming them. So for the next month, we want to highlight ten of our favorite projects, starting with one of our most recent.

An Invitation to Wonder: The Ohio Renaissance Festival

Shoot days always contain some adventure. Getting the right shot takes more time and patience than you ever plan for. When you’re shooting outside, you have to wonder whether the skies have seen the schedule and plan to cooperate. And like most work, there are people factors in play, personalities and anxieties, and the work of lining them all up at their best angles. 

This summer, we had a shoot day that involved excessive heat warnings, sudden torrential downpours, horse-wrangling, and an army of extras dressed in period pieces. And yet, somehow, it was all still magic. 

Rebel Pilgrim worked with the Ohio Renaissance Festival to tell their story and to invite everyone else to join in. This fall marks the 30th anniversary of them setting up a medieval village in a field in Waynesville, Ohio and giving people the chance to walk around inside of stories they’ve only known through fairy tales. If you haven’t caught it on television or radio, here it is: 

2019 Ohio Renaissance Festival

The whole project has kept our staff talking for weeks. Something about telling their story worked some fairy tale magic on us.

Isaac Stambaugh, Chief Operating Officer:
I get excited anytime we work on a project that is creatively ambitious, requires the expertise of most or all of our staff, includes the opportunity or necessity of help from talented freelancers to collaborate, and involves a client who values the power of storytelling. With ORF, we had all of that. 

Brad Wise, Chief Creative Officer:
In my opinion the reason this project went so well from start to finish was because we fell in love with our client, Cheryl. Everyone rallied around making something magical for her. Her trust and excitement was contagious and sparked the crew to create something special together. Trust mixed with joy might just be the secret sauce of collaboration.

Dana Makstaller, Director of Client Services:
The magic of the Ren Fest shoot was much more than just the words in the script, it was felt by the whole team.  It was professionally fulfilling to have a project where everyone was involved in a meaningful and impactful way, using their strengths to put together a great product. Our team had so much fun working with Cheryl and the Ren Fest team.

If you’re within a reasonable, or unreasonable, distance from the Faire, we hope you’ll make the trip. We loved our time in their world and we see our own in a new way because of it.