The Queen City Sings and Plays Piano: Over the Rhine and Cincinnati Bell

This month on our blog, as a celebration of ten years of telling stories, we’re highlighting ten of our favorite projects. Not only was the content of this ad for Cincinnati Bell a celebration of connection, but the process was too.

I heard once that music is what language wishes it could be. The best words in the world can’t quite match the power of words with a guitar strumming behind them or a piano underneath them. When we had the chance to conceptualize a Super Bowl ad for Cincinnati Bell, the soundtrack was key. Super Bowls are noisy. The ads and half-time shows are clamoring for everyone’s attention. And people may be watching the game in a loud bar, or a crowded living room. Something has to get people’s attention. 

Since the ad was already celebrating the hometown roots of Cincinnati Bell and it was part of a campaign to raise money for community charities, it made sense to ask local musicians to supply the sound. Over the Rhine carries not only the name of Cincinnati, but the spirit. 

If the music doesn’t get you, the heart will

Here they are telling the story behind this homegrown song.