The Next Project is the Best One

We started this blog series to celebrate and reflect on our ten favorite projects over the last ten years of making and telling stories together. This is the spot where we would close the series out with one last favorite thing we did. 

But in the spirit of Rebel Pilgrim, it feels right to say that our favorite project is always the next one. 

Once you see the world as a story, you start looking for stakes and threads. You start to look for what’s important in every story you encounter. You start to look for points of connection. One of the threads that holds all our projects together is a call to explore, to stay curious. 

We see every new project as an invitation to enter a brand new world. We get to revel in it and hold a mirror up to the people involved and show them how their work is good. We’re doing more than just capturing the work on camera; we’re trying to learn the spirit of the work and the people who are in it. 

Just over the last year, we’ve learned all about the world of fine dining with Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment, the daily routines of the Cincinnati Bengals support staff, what it takes to get groceries on the shelf and off the shelf, and how robots can help people instead of hurt them. We’ve interviewed people leading in all manner of fields, on and off camera. We’ve hopefully asked questions that have stirred up pride and clarity for them. We’ve helped them name and celebrate their own stakes and threads. 

There’s something to be said for listening to others and learning from people doing other work. We get to learn about whole other worlds. 

But there’s even more to be said for constantly casting other people as heroes and making sure they are showing up in their very best light.

It’s good work and we cannot wait for the next ten years.