Stories Worth A Listen: International Women’s Day

The specially marked days on our calendar are a chance for us to fill in attention gaps. There are birthdays, greeting card holidays and high holy days, all designed to make sure we don’t miss what matters. 

International Women’s Day started in 1910 as a way to recognize the ways women contribute to the flourishing of the world, just in case, for whatever reason, we might be tempted to let too many days go by without paying attention. Like other specially marked days, it’s a moment that has been used by all kinds of agendas and intentions. But there is always a simple invitation on this day: to honor women. 

We feel fortunate that our work, on several days throughout the whole year, involves pointing the camera and the microphone in the direction of brilliant women from diverse fields doing good work in the world. We’ve taken our camera crew into the conference rooms of high-rise buildings, onto the factory floor, into the lab, to green rooms behind famous stages, to classrooms, wherever we need to go to capture the places women are showing up and telling their story. 

Even though the setting changes and the type of work varies, we often hear echoes of the same messages, words that are valuable for all of us:

Listening is an invaluable resource: Time after time, we talk to women who have succeeded by listening and now call on others to be sure and listen to the people around them. 

Power is meant to be given away: In every field, and nearly every conversation, we hear the message that when we lift up people around us, it’s not only good for them but for everyone. 

Power is hiding in the internal and external stories we tell: We are shaped by the narratives that are running through our minds and our cities. When we change the stories, we change communities. 

To all the women who have shared their stories with us, we thank you for speaking and for living stories worth telling. 

Here are a few highlights from some of our favorite conversations: